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Cover art of Mercy (2009)

Mercy (2009)

  1. Awake
  2. Mercy
  3. The Pit


Today I stared at the ceiling,
just like yesterday and the day before.
All I can do is to wonder, why am I here,
over and over again...

And I went deeper into myself.
I saw everything so different,
that I decided to stay.
Just for a while...

I see their absent eyes, hear their empty words,
feel their covered hands and lie here still.

I am here, yet away. Please do not make me stay.

My time had come and I knew what was to be done.
(The final conclusion)
Something went wrong, I waited for so long.
(Uttermost anxiousness)
For the light to come and take me away.

Bathing in sweat and my own filth,
wishing we had never met I fought my guilt.
Tearing the blackest thoughts out of my head,
Coughing the bad blood, the cruel words said.

Don't know if I won or lost,
but I found peace inside.
Serene mind, faith in myself
and wisdom. It's all I've got left.

Today I stared at the ceiling.
Just like yesterday and tomorrow.


The rain. It feels warm. Tonight it is not so dark.

Strumming of the drops, the only sound I hear.
Heartbeats faded a while ago. He lies silent
in the mud. The rain washes his wounds.

I kneel down beside him
and watch his fading life.
He will die I have won.
But should I have


Strumming of the drops, the only sound I hear.
My wretched mind aching for the rest.
Vision getting unstable blood and dirt in my throat.
I spit on his face, the weaker part of me.

To leave, or stay with him?
My rival, my brother.
Even now he's draining my strength.
I cannot rise, I will not stay.

He opens his eyes.

He wears a baleful grin on his twisted face.
With an eerie sneer he turns to me.

"Will you have mercy on me?"

It starts to blur. I taste my own blood.
Bitter tears blend into the mud.

Trembling hands, not mine anymore.
Violent convulsions set the pace.
I grab his throat, his eyes still closed,
lips still silent, but alive

I collapse next to him
I cannot show him mercy

The Pit

Watching from above, lying, broken
In the darkest depths, but forgiven.

I hover closer down, I feel so calm.
Distant light slowly dies with his hate for me.

Signs of sadness, signs of despair
still on his face just for a moment.

Distant light slowly dies with his hate for me.
Closer down to him. Why do I feel so calm?

His neck is broken, his skin is torn.
Bruised hands, they do not move.
His bones... It's all insignificant.
His voice forever lost.

And as I watch him fade into the depth.
I know we have won and I smile.

I gently close his eyes and let him go.

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