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Whispers From...

Promise me, my dear
And I will be waiting for you here

Shed your tears to the ground
Let the water heal the wounds, listen to it's sound

Burn down your hate, leave it all behind 
Throw yourself to the wind, and you'll find me

I will carry you


Accross a distance
Too far to reach
Lay a land of sorrow
Deserted and cold
On the fields of depression
Under an empty sky
By the road of decision 
The time stood still

The haze of morning
Rose over the lands
As the cries of winter
Were no longer heard
Before the silence
I waited for the spring
The last echoes faded
But the spring never came

And I waited for the spring
Spring never came
But my faith 
My faith lives within

Through the dying scent
Of the night air
Lingered a whisper
A promise no-one heard

I will find the spring for you

The statement carved in flesh
I'm not allowed to rest
I hear a haunting tune
My song in solitude

My faith
Lives within
For you I'll
Find the spring

The chain in my chest
Binds me to it's nest
The beast that brought the night
Into her kingdom divine

My faith
Lives within
For you I'll

I waited for the spring
I promised
Promised that you'd win
The night won't bring me down
And here I stay until the sunrise


A blinding light that shines in my dreams
It burns my eyes
Out of reach but never out of sight
The thirst is killing me

If only I could touch the burning sun
Feel its searing heat
And if only for just once I could leave behind
The world that shadows me

I long so much
My soul's about to burst

Nothing here 
Will never be enough
To fill the void

If only I could touch the burning sun
Feel its searing heat
And if only for just once I could leave behind
The world that has nothing more to give

Oh grant me wings, so I can fly
Break the bond, let me roam the sky

The Burial

Long were the days that followed my loss
She's sleeping in silent earth, amongst the moss
Strong was my grief, it ate me inside
I will bury it beside her tonight

Farewell sorrow, my friend
We're parting ways
To join yet again
From this soil you were born
Into the ground
I'll force you once more

The rising wind throws the leaves around
It starts to rain, I head back to the burial ground
Through the roots, and past the stones
I dig the hole, and rip you out of my soul

Oh sorrow, my friend
Wait for the day
You'll see me again
Your time has come to an end
To lay next to her
You will descend

Farewell sorrow, my friend
We're parting ways
To join yet again
There will be a new time
The flower of hope
You left behind

At dawn the storm has passed 
The first morning rays 
Paint the meadows
Among the stones I seek the one
And I find
A single flower grows on your grave

The River

The water surrounds my feet
Down the stream
The river takes the grief out of me

I am drowning in these days so cold
To the sea 
I let the river carry me away
Under the water the world’s so calm, like sleeping
Oh river, wash away the pain

I was lost in the city lights
I couldn't see through the smog
Reached out to me
For a while everything was clear
Beneath the surface, on the other side
She awaits
To ease my pain
Cry out to her
To take my hand

I’ll be here, my love

She Dances In the Smoke

The sky's ablaze
Above the treeline
Promise me today

Promise that you'll leave
Promise me
Never to forget
What I've done

Cast your rays
Upon these walls
Purifier of dreams
Fill the air with your scent
Let the memories daze me
Let them take me away
Take me away

Sing me your hate
Whisper my name
Make me pay
There is nothing left to save

As the heat strikes me down
I watch your brilliance dancing in the smoke
Burn away, burn it all
My hate, my shame, my guilt
Leave nothing behind

Come the morning, you are gone
There's nothing left to take
My past, my path, is clear

The Messenger

As days become colder
The autumn prevails
The north wind brings
Whispers from winter days

I hold on to you
My angel of frost
You fill me with dreams
You make me forget

Through the haze we fly
To the frozen sky
In your arms I am safe
From the rays of the dawning day

To the end of times
I am yours
To roam the skies
We belong
You keep me warm
With your glow
And in your shadow
My blood flows

Wings of an angel
Claws of a beast
You make me stronger
You make me diseased

Behind the Sky

Can you hear the sound of water?
Can you see the clouds
Move again in the lightened sky?
Can you feel the life that's breathing
Inside the barren land?
Can you smell: the air is clear?

The promise I made
I made for you
The promise I made
I kept:
It's the spring

As the day starts going down
I watch you from afar, you're staring at the sun
It's last golden rays paint your hair again
It takes me back...

I remember the day it began
The day you walked away 
And left me alone 
In this dead world of gray

I have forgiven you, for it is your nature
You are the winter 
You are the frost
And forever you will be my queen

To be here alone with you is all I need 
For you accross the land I walked
As you asked me to, there's no reason to feel ill
And yet I do

Are you the cause that makes me feel this way
Weak and addicted
Oh my beautiful burden, just fade away
I don't need you

I can hear the sound of water
I can see the clouds
Move again in the lightened sky
I can feel the life that's breathing
Inside the barren land
I can smell: the air is clear

The promise you made
You made for me
The promise you made
You kept:
It's the spring


Good bye my dear
The time has come
The time of year
That brings life back from it's sleep

I will always remember
Your smile, your tears
And our time together
I won't hide the scars

But for now, I will move on

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