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Suffissocore interview

The original interview (in Italian)

Doom, death, atmospheric metal... We hate music terms so how would you describe your style with your words?

Jaakko: It's all about the feels man! As a writer I try to paint an image or a feeling with music. With more colours you can paint more vivid pictures, so I try not to put any limits for myself. For me Trauma Field is what it is and it's for other people to decide in which box or genre they want to put us.

Antero: I think atmospheric metal describes us quite well. We have a lot of strong melodies, atmospheric vibes and progressive elements in our music. If I had to choose one category for Trauma Field, it would be atmospheric metal.

When did you form the band? What were your ambitions when you started?

Jaakko: I started playing guitar in 2004. Soon we began playing together with Jyri Paronen, the first drummer of the band. We had no ambitions, we just liked to play and in a year or so we had put together a full band. I have written songs from the beginning. The music has evolved with me progressing as a songwriter but my goal has always been the same: to do music that I enjoy listening and playing.

You've changed many members. Can we consider this line-up more stable?

Jaakko: I sure hope so. After Harvest we have started from the beginning with the new lineup and things are going great!

Antero: It’s great to be part of a group where people can practice this often as we do. We also have quite specific roles in the band. For example, Jaakko is the leader, the frontman, who writes all the songs and pretty much defines what Trauma Field is. I take care of our social media accounts and promo stuff, Mikael is our father figure who handles the money and so on, haha!

What did you want to change or improve after 'Harvest'?

Jaakko: On Harvest the songs are simple and dwell deep inside the feelings. I think it's a good album but takes things slow. On Changing Tides my aim was to write more straightforward songs and strip all unnecessary repetition. I think it worked out very well.

Where did you record the new album? Who produced the effort?

Antero: We managed to record everything except drums and vocals in our homes. Almost every musician has a some kind of home studio in their bedrooms nowadays. It’s very convenient! Joonatan Jaakonaho (Bass player from Escalane) recorded the vocals and drums. He also mixed the whole thing. Virtalähde did the mastering. They both did a very good job!

Any particular albums that inspired you in terms of production and mixing?

Jaakko: I can't name any albums but we wanted to have a warm, big and a somewhat natural sound with an edge. Rock and metal nowadays sounds often very compressed and cold: there are no dynamic changes.

I've heard Amorphis influences. Any other finnish bands that you love?

Jaakko: Influences come from every direction and mix up in my brain to form new stuff. There are many many great bands in Finland but to name a few I've been listening lately to: Insomnium, Moonsorrow, Barren Earth, Omnium Gatherum.

Antero: Jaakko is the one who writes the songs but we all have our unique playing styles and ”secret” skills. For example, Atte’s main instrument in conservatory was saxophone and Ville is a great bass guitar player!

We know Jyväskylä for Ghost Brigade and Lost Society. Can you give us some other names that deserve our attention?

Jaakko: Swallow the Sun!

Antero: Psychework might be one of the best new bands in town, right Ville?

Can you give us more details about L. Niitty's diaries?

Jaakko: They are the theme that binds together everything we have ever recorded. Every album represents a certain phase or a crisis in his life. On our website, there are lyrics of all our recordings and an epilogue, which sums it all together. The albums tell a story and the epilogue tells it again with different words and different perspective.

The artwork is really epic. Who created it? What's the meaning behind it?

Jaakko: It is really epic! The artist is Simo Heikkinen, a really talented guy. He read all the lyrics for Changing Tides and together we thought about the themes and meanings of the songs. He found the recurring water theme from the lyrics and we decided to work with that. Changing Tides is about changes in ourselves: we are the rocks that slowly but surely reform as the waves of life crash in our faces. We face difficulties, good days and bad days and they all change us somehow. The face on the cover is you: the listener.

Please review 'Life Passed' and 'Hope For Rain' for our readers...

Jaakko: Life Passed is about the feeling of being left behind. All the hopes and dreams have slipped out of reach and there is nothing left. But there is the flipside: you can always turn the page and start a new chapter in your life. Musically it's a fairly simple song with some rhythmic themes and a very nice guitar melody in the C-part.

Hope For Rain is the feeling of peace you may occasionally find on your way through life. For a moment you are one with the world – not a perfect being but a whole person. You accept your faults and they do not overcome you. It's like a ballad, but with a more complex shape. It grows and builds up as the clouds gather and in the end you are standing in the rain with arms open and eyes closed.

Antero: What comes to the keyboards, Life Passed was the most difficult to record. I wanted it to sound very massive so there are plenty of keyboard layers in it. The backing vocals are very epic too!

Hope for Rain is one of those songs that we played live at Loisto. I was very nervous about the gig because it was filmed with so many cameras. You can watch it here.

What are your plans now? Ever toured outside Finland?

Antero: Nope. That would be so much fun but we can’t afford it without help.

Jaakko: We try to do shows at least here in Finland, but with our budget it's very hard. There are lots of metal bands here, so it's very hard to rise above the masses and gain any name.

Are you lookin' for a label or you'd like to stay independent?

Jaakko: A label would be nice, but as said before, it's hard to stand out with so many good metal bands around. And no money.

What's the worst trauma you've ever had?

Jaakko: I'm a lucky bastard and haven't had any major traumas in life. My biggest issues are about me struggling with my own head and that's what my music is also all about. Trauma field is in your head.

Antero: Same here, no major traumas. But I think everyone has some kind of traumas… You know the things that sometimes keep you awake at night. Bad childhood memories or experiences in everyday life.

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