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2017-08-29: Back to the stage

Holidays are over and the release of the new song approaches rapidly. A live show has been planned as well: we'll be playing with couple of other bands on September 30th in Jyväskylä.

2017-02-06: Studio time!

We made plans for the spring, which include recording a new song, making a video and taking some new promo shots. The surface may be silent, but there's always something going on beneath...

2016-09-26: Reviews & interviews

The summer is over and it's time to get back in business. We are already rehearsing some new material but more of that later. In the meantime, here are some interviews and reviews of Changing Tides. Not all of them are in English but I'm sure you can read some Finnish and Italian too. It's not that hard you know. Or alternatively you can use a translator. Enjoy the fall!



2016-05-20: High Tide

Check out our new music video! And after that, listen to the album! And after that, buy it here!

2016-05-19: Changing Tides is out!

You can now buy and listen to Changing Tides in Bandcamp, Spotify etc. All the links are on the right! Buy the album, listen to it and tell us what you think!

Physical copies of Changinc Tides are also available! Contact us via email or Facebook and we'll send you one!

2016-05-03: Trauma Field 2016: The new album and stuff

Changing Tides is finished! It will be released in 12th of May, so keep waiting, not long to go anymore! There will also be a single with a music video! Yeah!

We decided to write something about the album and our plans for the future, but the textual vomit was too enormous to be published as simple news-article. So, here it is, on its own page: Trauma Field 2016. (Suomea sujuvasti puhuvat ja lukevat voivat löytää tekstin omalla kielellään tästä.)

2016-04-04: Epic spring tour

It's the spring and the mixing process of Changing Tides is going nicely. The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Changing Tides
  2. Aeons
  3. Life Passed
  4. Black Haze
  5. High Tide
  6. Hope For Rain
  7. Reborn

The album will be released on the 12th of May. We're gonna have a release party and a show in Poppari, Jyväskylä. Come and join us, it'll be a special show with guest musicians! The other show of this mini tour is in Keuruu with Escalane. Two shows in 3 days! What is this and can we handle it?

2016-02-24: Changing Tides

This year has started nicely with the vocal recordings for the upcoming album called Changing Tides. Everything is now ready for the mixing process, which should take about a few weeks or so. If there aren't any major setbacks, we should have the album ready before summer! Hurray!

We'll be playing the new songs in Keuruu, as we share the stage with Escalane, once again. Of course there will also be an official (and epic) album releasing gig in Jyväskylä, so stay tuned for that!

The cover art for the album is also ready. It was made by Simo Heikkinen and is totally and utterly awesome. Check out this bad boy!

The cover of Changing Tides

2015-08-21: New material

The summer has gone and it's time to get back in business! We are currently working on recording some new songs. The drum tracks are ready to go and the rest will follow soon enough. The upcomping record will contain 6 songs: some that you have heard and some that you have not.

In September we will also play a gig in Jyväskylä with Vuolla. Be sure to come and check us out if you are in town!

2015-02-01: Happy times in Ilokivi again

We had a nice gig in Ilokivi with Noumena and Dark Flood. Both bands were amazing, thanks a lot for having us! Also thank you for all who came to see us! Next up is Pub Katse, Jyväskylä, on 6.2. We're gonna play a song we haven't played on stage for a while. Or ever? Come and enjoy the haze!

2014-10-11: New material

Here's a song we recorded live at our rehearsals. It's called Aeons and it's about relativity: our life may have no meaning in a universal scale, but it's all we have. So, let's make it worth living for ourselves and each other.

2014-10-06: Happy times in Ilokivi

Our first gig with the new crew was a success! Thank you for all who came to see us! We had fun, hope you did as well. The next show will be in Rentukka on 11.10. We're gonna play some more new material and it will be awesome. Be there!

2014-09-14: The story concludes?

The Epilogue has reached "Harvest". The final part, "Release", is about getting better and letting go of the past. Niitty finds the end of his road and finishes his 10 year journey. Will his story continue for yet another part? No one knows yet.

Since we're gonna do the epic live show on November, we decided to leave the recording of the new songs until next spring. The "Loisto" show will have 12 musicians on stage, so we need to practice A LOT! Many new songs will be performed there, so remember remember the 18th of November!

2014-09-03: New shows and more story

We got some new shows for this autumn! The one on November will be a slightly more epic spectacle with strings and stuffs, and it will be streamed live! How cool is that? Be sure to check out the stream if you can't make it to the show. More information and a link to the stream will be available later.

The sixth part of the epilogue, "The winter" is here. Smart and observant individuals may have already guessed that this is the "First Day of Winter" -part of the story. Next up is "Harvest", so stay tuned!

2014-08-20: The story continues

The summer's over and days are becoming colder, so it's time to get back to work. On this autumn we're gonna do some shows, record a couple of new songs and end the epilogue. Remember to check out the new lineup in Jyväskylä on 3.10.

Here's also the fifth part of the epilogue, "On the ruins". These are the hazy events on Mercy Ep, the grim and dark record from 2009.

2014-07-25: Live show at Nighttime Magick, Jyväskylä, announced!

Trauma Field will play at Ilokivi - OnStage, Jyväskylä, on the 3rd of October. This gig is a part of Northern Solitude Entertainment’s event called Nighttime Magick and will also feature two other bands: Church Of Void and Lovijatar.

This is the first public Trauma Field show with the new lineup and we’re very excited about it. Ilokivi - OnStage is located in the centre of our home town. You don’t want to miss out!


  • Trauma Field, Church Of Void, Lovijatar live at Nighttime Magick
  • Ilokivi - OnStage, Keskussairaalantie 2, 4600 Jyväskylä, Finland.
  • 3rd Oct, 2014. The show schedule will be announced later.
  • Tickets: 5€ at the door

More information about the event in Facebook!

2014-05-23: More story

Go read the new part of the epilogue, "Candlelight dinner". This part is pretty much the story told in the lyrics of our first release Wounded Soil. This is where things start getting dark.

2014-05-03: Spring is here!

The third part of the epilogue, "The rebels" has been uploaded. This is the turning point, the last haven before the downfall.

Our brand new promo pictures have also been taken. Something will be released soon enough, so stay tuned. It's the spring bitch!

2014-04-24: Niitty goes into town

The second part of the epilogue is now readable in the story section. Part II: The city lights tells about the time he moved away from home.

The social media links have also been updated. MySpace is - apart from being dead - such a nightmare to use that we'll just forget about it altogether. Our old account is still there but it will not be updated anymore.

2014-04-16: Niitty's story begins

The actual first part of the epilogue is now readable in the story section. Part I: Childhood is the beginning of Niitty's story where he tells about the place he was born in and the people he grew up with. Many of the places and faces are an important part of his later writings. You could say that this is the "wounded soil", where the roots of the character lie.

2014-04-11: The conclusion to Niitty's story & lyrics of Harvest

As some of you know, all the songs on our 4 albums are part of the same story. The lyrical material is taken from the diaries of a young man, L. Niitty (the name has been changed). In his writings he tells his story, using poems and metaphors, which we used to make the songs.

However, the story is not complete without a proper ending, so years later he finished the last diary with an epilogue, where he looks back to the past and revisits the days of his youth. This helps us figure out what really happened, and fit the pieces together. We can also understand a bit better why he did what he did.

This is a lot of text, so we'll publish it in pieces, starting with the prologue. The actual first part, where he tells about his childhood, will be here next week. There will be 4 or 5 parts, so be sure to check them out!

The lyrics of Harvest are also uploaded. Read them here while listening the album!

2014-03-23: Trauma Field joins Twitter

Trauma Field has joined Twitter! Follow us here and our keyboard player Antero will keep you updated about what's going on.

Past rehearsals have been a blast, so we have already begun to plan live shows with the new crew. It would be pretty nice to play live before summer, but let's see how it goes. This year is Trauma Field's 10 year anniversary, so something awesome is coming up anyways. Stay tuned!

2014-03-17: Trauma Field reforged

Good news everyone! Atte Toivola has joined the band as a bass player. We had our first rehearsal today at our brand new rehearsal space, and it went really well. Seems like we have a good and motivated group together, and we're ready to continue right where Trauma Field last left. Now we just need some new promo pictures!

2014-03-16: Major changes in the lineup

Big news again! As you may know, there have been major changes in the band lately. We all agreed that Harvest has potential, but not all wanted to continue working with the band. Jyri and Olli left, and we found new musicians to replace them. However, Juuso and Sami had their doubts as well and they were uncertain of continuing. Now they too have made their final decisions and left the band. Although Sami will continue working with us by doing the live mixing and the lights.

The lineup at the moment is:

  • Jaakko Pesu - Vocals, guitars
  • Ville Koskinen - Guitars
  • Antero Jokinen - Keyboards
  • Mikael Saalasti - Drums
We have no bass player at the moment, but there is already a candidate. We'll try playing together next week.

So, a lot has been going on. Still, slowly but surely things are starting to settle down and Trauma Field shall be reborn. It has been tough, so thanks to everybody for your support!

2014-02-23: The spring is coming!

It has been a very quiet season for us, since unfortunately our drummer Jyri and bass player Olli decided to leave the band last autumn. We have been looking for new players since.

Now we have finally some good news, and we have found many talented musicians who are willing to try working with us. Maybe we can now continue from where we last were with Harvest. We already have found a person to do the booklets to the physical copies.

We'll try playing together with the new crew for the first time in couple of weeks. Fingers crossed!

2013-07-30: Harvest in Bandcamp.com

After a slight hassle, Harvest is finally available in bandcamp.com. You can purchase the album there and name your price, so you can support us if you like. The profit will help us with the making of the physical copy. Any kind of help is appreciated! The album will soon be available in Spotify and probably iTunes.

As for the physical album, we are currently looking for an artist to do the cover art. If you are, or know someone who would be interested, feel free to contact us!

By the way, in case you were wondering, the songs are in a random order in the player in this site. We have no idea why. It is recommended to listen the songs in the right order.

2013-07-19: Harvest is out!

Our debut album "Harvest" is finally here! Listen to it from the player or download it here. The physical album will be released later on. The album will also be uploaded to Bandcamp where you can purchase it and support the band. The best thing is, you can name the price yourself!

2013-05-20: A new show

We're playing a show with Hanging Garden in Lappeenranta in June. The set is going to be interesting, since no keyboards are included. Instead there's going to be an acoustic guitar and neat guitar effects. We will play mostly new stuff, but some old songs as well. We're looking forward to it, since it'll be like a breeze of fresh air after working with the album.

Harvest is almost finished, but the finishing touch is yet to be done. After that the songs will be mastered and then finally published. We hope the album will be out before the next show, but these things tend to delay. While waiting, enjoy the sun and drink beer. I know I will.

2013-03-11: The Messenger

The mixing process of Harvest has begun. The first song, The Messenger was finished today. Listen to it from the player or download it here. Note that this is not the final mix and it has not been mastered, so the final product will sound even better. But enjoy this version until the full album is out.

2012-12-06: Trauma Field enters the studio

The recording of our debut album has finally begun at SN-Audio, Jyväskylä. The album is called "Harvest" and contains 9 songs:

  1. Whispers from...
  2. Faithful
  3. Glory
  4. The Burial
  5. The River
  6. She Dances in the Smoke
  7. The Messenger
  8. Behind the Sky
  9. Harvest
This album pretty much wraps up the story that's been told on the previous records. The songs differ from the old material, yet they still sound like Trauma Field (only with studio quality sounds).

We may publish some material from the session later on, but for now, check the studio updates from Facebook.

2012-09-28: New cities & new album

We are glad to inform you about two confirmed live shows taking place in Southern Finland! On Saturday 03.11.2012 we play at Espace, Riihimäki. On stage with us there will be a local band 0XÍST. The second show is at Backroom, Kotka, on Friday 21.12.2012. There we will be accompanied by BailOut and 0XÍST.

As some of you may know, we are currently working on our debut album. Many songs from the album will be heard at the incoming gigs. The studio session begins in December. More information about the upcoming album coming soon, stay tuned!

2012-07-10: New shows

Two new shows have been confirmed in Lappeenranta. They both take place on the same stage, but the sets will be totally different. Playing the same show twice would be pretty boring, wouldn't it?

In the first show (22.9.) there are three other bands with us: Kuilu, Ever Circling Wolves and Hanging Garden. We'll play something old and something new, like before. Check the event on Facebook.

The second event is a month later (26.10) and with us will be 0 x í s t and Bailout. On this show we are planning to perform our upcoming debute album from start to finish. We also have lots of neat ideas for that evening, so be sure to check it out.

2012-03-01: Monkey show cancelled

Unfortunately we had to cancel our show at Lucky Monkeys, Lappeenranta. One of the band members is bedridden and unable to get on the stage. We probably are still going to perform in Lappeenranta with 0 x í s t and Bailout later this year.

2012-01-17: New live shows

This year's first two shows have been confirmed. Both of them are in Lappeenranta, but we will probably play in some other cities as well during the spring. More information will be available later.

2011-11-29: Live at Monari, Lappeenranta 9.12.

Trauma Field will play this year's last show in Monari, Lappeenranta on Friday 9.12. The event begins at 18:00, and the first band, Blue Velvet plays at 19:30. Our set begins at 21:00. As in previous Monari LIVE events, no alcohol is allowed. More info here (Finnish only).

2011-11-09: The first review of "First Day of Winter"

Our latest EP, "First Day of Winter" has gotten its first review at desibeli.net (Finnish only).

2011-11-02: Live video from Rentukka

A live video of a new song, "The Messenger" has been added. Check it out in the Media section.

2011-10-11: Show schedules

Approximate schedules of the upcoming show at Rentukka have been confirmed:

  • 22:30 Trauma field
  • 23:30 0 X í S T
  • 00:30 Pantheist
Tickets: 5e.

For more information about the Pantheist tour, check out the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=225962710760978

2011-07-19: Summer news

A new live show has been arranged. We will play with Pantheist (UK) and 0 X í S T in Rentukka, Jyväskylä on Friday 28.10. More information will be avaliable on October.

2011-03-24: Site fixed

We had minor problems with the domain, but now the site is back online.

The first edition of First Day of Winter is out and will be for sale in the release party this saturday. (The night's schedules and other info are also updated in the live-section.) The EP contains four songs:

  1. My Queen
  2. First Day of Winter
  3. Frost
  4. Gray
The first two songs and an older version of Gray are listenable in MySpace. Also all the lyrics of the songs can be found here in the story-section.

2011-03-16: First Day of Winter release party

The new mini-album, "First Day of Winter", is finally on it's way. That makes our next live performance on March 26th at Lucky Monkeys, Lappeenranta, the official release party. (On stage with us are Anomia and Constantine. More information here.) If there are no setbacks, which wouldn't be the first time though, there will be copies for sale. The first edition of the album is a classy digipack with only 50 copies. Be sure to come and get yours before they run out. Normal jewelbox-editions and possibly some more digipacks will be made later on.

2011-03-05: Traumafield.com is opened

The long and tiring struggle is finally over and we have the site in our own hands. Unlike the first time, now we have what it takes to keep the page updated regularly. There isn't much material yet, but hopefully that will change. There will be more live material, video and pictures, and maybe some more content in the story section, so that you'll get to know Niitty's past a little better. Also any information about upcoming live shows, the new album, and other important things will be published here.

2011-02-10: First Day of Winter release date

Our new album, "First Day of Winter", is almost complete. Cover art is finished and the whole package is just waiting to be released. But don't hold your breath, this might still take a while...

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